Packing windsurfing gear for air flight

What is the best way to pack windsurfing gear when traveling by airplane?

By windsurfing gear let’s say:

  •  1 board
  •  2 masts
  •  3 sails
  •  2 fines
  •  1 extension
  •  1 wishbone
  •  1 harness
  •  1 pair of boots
  •  1 wet-suit

What you need: a board bag, then either a separate mast bag and sail/quiver bag, or a ‘combi’ bag, which can accommodate both. You can also buy separate fin and boom bags (or pack them in with the board and masts). 


  • I use a single board bag for my masts, sails, booms, and mast extensions etc. It’s well padded, fits a two piece mast, has the shape of a boom and light. Boards should go in oversized bags. The baggier the bag, the less chance of damage. A skin tight bag should not be used. Pad your boards with your harness (hook removed), wetsuits, towels, flip flops, shoes etc. Always pack the tail perfectly. If the nose is broken, a quick repair will be fine.

It is important: 

  • to take the footstraps off to avoid damaging the bottom shape of the boards. 
  • to take the vent screw out before aeroplane travel because of the change in air pressure while flying.

It is good: 

  • to have an extra gear bag for extensions, fins and all sorts of tools such as screwdrivers and other things needed for repairs of boards or battens.

Getting prepared for the worst case scenario gives me more peace of mind.

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